About Us

JAK_3139Tewkesbury School is a vibrant 11-18 comprehensive school which exists for and is energised by its young people. The students are central to everything that happens at our school and we are determined to help make the school even better than it already is.

Our school is a happy and dynamic learning community where students are encouraged both within and beyond the classroom. Students here are hardworking, fun, creative, sporty, smart and energetic. We are appealing to parents, businesses and our local community to ‘get involved’ and help us raise funds for our ‘wish list’ of items.

There are various projects that you can support. Our ‘building a vibrant heart of the school social community’ project is aiming to install some shelters and canopies for our outdoor seating areas and to buy some outdoor table-tennis tables to keep students entertained during lunchtimes; our ‘helping sporting heroes’ campaign is aiming to buy replacement cricket nets and the ‘learning environments’ projects will help to buy us some iPads for various learning spaces and to install an impressive state of the art maths classroom.

In return for your support you will get ‘shout outs’ on our website, on twitter and in the local media; you’ll be included in our hall of fame boards and school magazine and the names or company logos of any top contributors will be advertised around the school’s facilities.

No matter how big or small, your generous donations will help to enhance our learning environment and keep the students at Tewkesbury School well-equipped and competitive in an ever changing world.

Together, we can all be a part of something great. Thank you for your support.

While there are many ways to undertake crowdfunding, the following business flow is supported by this platform:

Vetting and Post Projects

The process begins when as project owner we submit an event to our crowdfunding platform. Included in the submission is a detailed description of the event, the target goal amount, and a specific fundraising duration.

Our platform reviews the project and if our platform approves the project, it goes live on the platform for people and organisations to make pledges.

Preapproving Pledge Amounts

  1. As an event customer you choose a project and click on the Pledge or Contribute button.
  2. You are then directed to PayPal where you agree to a one-time preapproved payment.
  3. After agreeing to the payment, you will be redirected back to the platform and the preapproved amount is added to a running subtotal of the pledge amounts.

Successfully completing a project and Collecting the pledged Funds

At the end of an event, the platform checks to see if the target amount has been met (or exceeded).

If the goal is not met, all preapproved transactions we be cancelled and no event customer’s account will be debited for the event.

If the target is met, the platform triggers the preapproved payments from the PayPal accounts of the event customers.

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