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CricketMy cricket team had a successful 2015 season reaching the semi-final of the district cup and the final of the county cup.  We have 50 competitive players (boys and girls) and over 80 recreational players who have benefitted from coaching sessions as part of the Chance to Shine initiative and have received sessions from local coach Tom Allcoat. The PE department have also bought us a new bowling machine but this cannot be used to its fullest potential as the quality of our training nets is not safe enough and are in desperate need of replacement.

The facility could also be available to hire to the public and other local teams through our Sports Centre which would also help us raise more income that we could spend on other similar projects.

The Campaign

Our crowd funding campaign aims to ensure that businesses and other stakeholders are aware of the steps they can take to ‘Get Involved’ and support us, the young people of Tewkesbury, in achieving good outcomes at school and improving our life chances.

Every school has budget constraints and competing priorities but we are working on providing inspired  facilities for us to train but would like your help in supporting us  that will help me and my fellow pupils to continue our success  and then be in a position to achieve our full potential when in class. We are looking to raise at least £30,000 towards this.

Please support us in any way you can by pledging money, resources or time.

Thank you


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