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Like many other Schools there are very few social areas for us to meet up at lunch and break times. Getting out in the fresh air and access to outdoor social spaces are essential for the health and well-being of young people. Children learn so much in the playground; how to get along, negotiate, make and follow each other’s rules, establish friendship groups and talk to one another.

At Tewkesbury School there are a lot of under utilised outdoor areas. We believe by covering some of these areas they could serve as alfresco dining spaces, recreation areas, outdoor classrooms, meeting areas and “chill out” zones for my friends and I, even on a rainy day.

Outdoor covered areas, once created, will free up congestion within the main school buildings and corridors during break times which will also reduce associated maintenance costs.

The Campaign

Our crowd funding campaign aims to ensure that businesses and other stakeholders are aware of the steps they can take to ‘Get Involved’ and support us, the young people of Tewkesbury, in achieving good outcomes at school and improving our life chances.
Every school has budget constraints and competing priorities but we are working on providing some covered outdoor play areas for pupils but would like your help in supporting us with at least one outdoor area, seating and outdoor games that will help me and my fellow pupils to socialise in our down time and then be in a position to achieve our full potential when in class. We are looking to raise at least £25,000 towards this.

Please support us in any way you can by pledging money, resources or time.

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