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For the past decade the PE Faculty has organised highly successful overseas sports tours for our schools pupils. Previous destinations have included South Africa, Argentina, Canada, Barbados and Sri Lanka. Our aim is to give our students an experience they will never forget and are unique to a sports tour.

For the 2017 tour, we are currently exploring the possibilities of visiting one or two Caribbean Islands. We are ideally looking to take girls and boys from our current Year 7, 8 and 9.sports tour 2

The trip will allow us as football, netball and cricket players to expand our play outside the County and Country, as well as expanding other horizons, and providing us as pupils with a lifetime experience. The 12-day trip that takes place in 2017 will provide us with the opportunity to play several games against teams from St Lucia and Grenada, but will allow us a chance to see and tour the islands for educational purposes.
A really important part of these tours is the team building that takes place and the opportunity to be sporting ambassadors for the school and community we live in. In order to do this we would need to ensure that the way we conduct ourselves and the way we look is impeccable which is high in terms of our ethos and values. We also feel it would be good, if possible, for us to represent either one or a number of local businesses whilst we are there, promoting the industry in Tewkesbury and UK. Obviously we would do that before and continue to do that after the tour has finished.

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If your company feels they would like to get involved in this project we would be grateful to hear from you. We are currently looking to raise money to help purchase tour and sports clothing including playing kit, polo shirts, shorts, hoodies etc.

What you can expect in return is a highly visible publicity campaign that recognises your donation as part of our “Support Tewkesbury School Projects” campaign. We will also include you company details on any of the Sports Tour literature that goes out to the families and any social media activity before during and after the tour which will include your company name and relevant links.

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